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Laminated Windshields

Laminated windshield is a key component of a vehicle’s structural integrity, and it provides maximum protection to the occupants inside in the event of an accident.

This type of product, which is made by laminating two pieces of glass with a PVB interlayer in between, provides penetration protection and is therefore a critical safety requirement. Various product features can also be built into windshields to enhance passenger comfort and convenience.

Our windshields are engineered based on NAGS specifications and supplied with required features and attachments whenever specified.

HUD Windshields

The latest addition to our wide range of premium products is the heads-up display (HUD) windshield.

A HUD windshield is manufactured with a special interlayer that allows the driver to see important vehicle information (such as speed, fuel level, speed limit, and navigation instructions) projected onto the windshield without losing focus on the road.

This type of windshield also helps to enhance road safety as it can help drivers avoid accidents by keeping their eyes more on the road and looking away less to find vehicle information.

Acoustic Windshields

Acoustic windshield are manufactured with a special acoustic interlayer that is able to dampen noise transmission through the glass, thus reducing the noise level in the vehicle’s interior. Acoustic windshields are gaining popularity and are widely used today across many vehicles. With the xygna acoustic windshield installed, drivers and passengers can enjoy a peaceful and quiet journey away from the noises and distractions on the road.

Fully Heated Windshields

Fully heated windshields are made by embedding many tiny heater wires within the lamination that cover the whole windshield.

Once turned on, these tiny heating elements provide rapid and effective defrosting of the entire windshield surface. Although the wires are spread throughout the windshield, they are small and barely visible only if taking a close-up look.

As such, visibility at a distance from the driver’s seat out through the windshield is unaffected. XYG’s fully heated windshields will rapidly melt snow and ice in the wintertime to give drivers the visibility they need to start their journeys safely.

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