How to Read Your Windshield Code

Windshield Code Stamped on XYG Windshield

Have you ever thought about the significance of the small stamp located at the base of your XYG windshield? Today, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the encoded information represented by the numbers and symbols within this stamp.

Type and Feature

Let’s take a look at this XYG windshield as an example. Our logo is at the uppermost section. Directly below, the symbol “II” designates the glass type – specifically, a standard multilayered windshield in this instance. When you see “I” instead, it means that the glass is an extra durable, hardened windshield. “III” means it is a treated multilayer wind-rated windshield. Next time you encounter another XYG automotive glass, take a close look and find out what type of glass it is. Some words are more straightforward. We can see that this is XYG laminated windshield, with solar and HUD (Heads-Up Display) features by reading through.

Safety Certification

Subsequent symbols on this particular XYG laminated windshield proudly showcase safety certifications obtained and recognized in various countries. Effectively, these symbols serve as a testament to the confirmed XYG glass quality. Specifically, the designation “DOT563 AS1” as shown above is tailored to meet North American safety regulations, a requirement mandated by the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) for all windshield manufacturers. Consequently, our XYG laminated windshields always have “DOT563” stamped on them, showcasing compliance with DOT regulations. Moreover “AS1” designation signifies the clearest form of glass ideal for automotive use, while “AS2” or “AS3” indicates tinted variations.

In addition to being certified for the US market, this specific XYG windshield has obtained safety certifications from various other countries, each represented by distinct symbols and numbers as shown in the picture above.

Quality and Safety Go Hand in Hand

We believe quality and safety go hand in hand, so all XYG automotive glass products undergo thorough quality assurance processes. Also, we manufacture the products to meet stringent global safety standards. This commitment is evident through our accreditation with various international safety and quality management certifications showcasing our unwavering focus on XYG glass quality.

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About XYG North America

XYG is a fully integrated glass manufacturer, excelling in the production of a diverse array of high-quality products including the XYG windshield. With more than 35 years of experience, our reach now extends to over 140 countries, making us a renowned global leader in the glass manufacturing industry. Our 16,000 respected employees and 13 manufacturing and R&D complexes are the root of our continuing growth. Spread across North America, the Middle East, and Asia, our facilities encompass a vast production floor space and offices totaling 9.15 million square meters. Each of these locations dedicates itself to producing distinct types of glass products including XYG automotive glass tailored for diverse applications while keeping the XYG glass quality to the highest level.

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