Wide Product Range
Covering Over 19,000
NAGS Numbers
and Counting.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is widely used in today’s automobiles as door/side glass as well as back windows.

We currently carry a comprehensive list of tempered parts with over 11,500 NAGS numbers of sidelites and backlites that come with features such as:

  • Privacy glass
  • Printed antenna and heating elements
  • Encapsulated windows
  • Complete plastic/metal frames assemblies

Pickup Truck Sliders

Our pickup truck sliders are making a comeback this year as we re-launch these specialty full assemblies after years of re-development and improvements. These glass panels assembled in gasket provides weather-tight fitting at the rear of the cab along with a functional, smooth sliding centre window. Various glass colour options are available including privacy grey to provide additional comfort and aesthetic appeal.