Our values drive
our business .


We consider our greatest resource to be our valued employees, and their safety is our top priority. To ensure employees’ health while working, we provide protective clothing and equipment and regularly offer medical care. We are advocates of excellence who are always looking to eliminate inefficiencies, improve processes and invest in more advance equipment and automation.

As proof of our dedication to employees, Xinyi has developed incentives, including an employee union and “love fund”, which helps employees and their families in need. As of 2018, the total expenditure has been roughly 446 million toward 816 employees.

We also deployed a communication platform between the enterprise and employee through IT office systems to better understand the needs of our workforce. On site, health centres cater to the medical needs of employees and to cultivate a fun and less stressful environment that fosters culture and creativity we have badminton courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, gym and a library.

Our collective goal is a healthy and harmonious environment that furthers our core values and is evident in our products.


Xinyi continues to invest in innovative technologies that make our products and facilities more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. We use clean natural gas to improve the quality of life in urban environments and promote desulfurization, denitrification, reduce carbon emissions and promote the reuse of resources. These create situations where both the enterprise and society benefit.

We are excited about our Golden Sun project. This is a rooftop and distributed ground photovoltaic power generation project with a total 220 MW power generation among all industrial parks. This allows us to generate our own electricity for greater
economic benefits.


Xinyi Glass followed the rules of the low-carbon economy with a long-term commitment to the development of energy saving products. With respect to research and development of green products, we continue to achieve continuous breakthroughs.

We developed LOW-E glass capable of being tempered, SOLAR-X heat-reflecting automobile glass and other green products. Our architectural glass is so renowned that it was selected by the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion for its strong performance and excellence. Furthermore, Xinyi SOLAR-X heat reflecting automobile glass is the only glass patented as an energy saving product in China.
Our mission is to take advantage of the renewable energy field to develop a new energy industry to improve the environment.


Since 1988, we have been dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Lee Yi, has been awarded three Pencheng Charity Award. Our enterprise has donated several hundred million dollars to education, culture, health, transportation, environmental protection, poverty relief, social security and other philanthropic causes.

Part of our vision is to give back to society and to contribute to the well-being of those in need. This is exemplified by the Hope Primary Schools and the creation of a public welfare fund. Based on our contributions, we have been honoured to receive the title of Human Education Supporter and the Guangdong Glory Career Award.

Xinyi will continue with this mandate of alleviating poverty and will always believe that doing good will impact the world.