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Who We Are

Founded since 1988, XYG is a leading integrated glass manufacturer and a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With eight manufacturing facilities covering a total area of 6.8 million square meters and approximately 12,000 employees, XYG delivers high quality architectural glass widely used throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


Our Products

Insulating Glass

Consists of two or more pieces of glass separated by a gas filled space, commonly used to reduce heat transfer as part of a curtain wall.


Low-E Glass

Specially coated energy efficient product that reflects ultraviolet light and heat without compromising visible light transmission.


Laminated Glass

High-grade safety glass formed after an adhesive interlayer is put between two or more pieces of glass to bind together under high temperature and pressure.


Tempered Glass

Safety glass that has undergone a heat treatment and rapid cooling to make it 4 times stronger than regular annealed glass.




Simplifying complex delivery of each order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Bulk Shipping

Significant cost savings through bulk purchasing and consolidated shipments.


Guaranteeing you will receive the glass you need when you need it.

Latest News

XYG will be an online exhibitor at the Glasscon-Glass Expo Virtural Event. architectural
August 28, 2020

GlassCon-Glass Expo VE

XYG Will be an Online Exhibitor at the GlassCon-Glass Expo Virtual Event XYG North America will be an exhibitor at the upcoming GlassCon Global VE-Glass Expo VE, a new ground-breaking…
XYG now offers ceramic frit digital printing in addition to silk screen printing. architectural
August 20, 2020

Ceramic Digital Printing for XYG Glass Products

Digital Printing for XYG Glass is Now Available XYG is excited to offer high-resolution digital ceramic printing for our glass products.  Our new in-house digital printing capability and expertise at…
Henri Tam, President of XYG North America, connects with AGRR on their June Podcast to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the company and auto glass industry. architecturalautomotive
June 17, 2020

AGRR Podcast Featuring Henri Tam, President of XYG NA

Henri Tam, President of XYG North America, connects with Tara Taffera of Auto Glass Repair Replacement (AGRR) Magazine on their June Podcast to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected…

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